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Serving Families in California's Central Valley From Visalia to Madera and Surrounding Communities


Certified Birth Doula (B&B)
Certified Postpartum Doula (B&B)
Certified VBAC doula (The VBAC Link)
Certified Childbirth Educator (B&B)

My name is Angelica. I am a wife, a mother of two girls and a birth and postpartum doula.  

I was born and raised in Southern California. My husband, Brian is my high school sweetheart and we have been married for 11 years. In 2015, he had the opportunity to fulfill his dream career of becoming a Flight Paramedic and we decided to move our family to the Central Valley. We lived in Turlock for a few years, then moved closer to family and wildly ended up in Clovis. My family and I have loved living in the Central Valley. 

My two pregnancies were complete opposites. From my mindset, what I consumed, all the way down to the birth and recovery – they were so different. With my first, I was young, knew nothing about birth and thought it was no big deal. I was induced due to preeclampsia and ultimately ended up having an emergency cesarean. My recovery had challenges but becoming a mother really changed my outlook on life. I learned and decided to do all the research possible so that I can be the advocate my family needed. Fast forward 8 years, we were blessed with another baby. This time, I wanted to be prepared and spent all of my energy educating myself and preparing mentally, physically and emotionally for the labor and delivery I longed for. I had the mindset of “Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.” We had a quick home birth after cesarean and I was thoroughly supported in every way I needed by my husband, daughter and Midwife/Doula team and that is what I hope to do for other families.  

Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to have a career taking care of and nurturing others. It is my love language and what fulfills my heart. I am thankful to those that allow me to enter their sacred circle in such a special time.  

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