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Serving Families in California's Central Valley From Visalia to Madera and Surrounding Communities


We believe that being educated about your body in labor, your choices in childbirth, and your options of coping techniques can help prepare you and your partner to move confidently toward your labor. The birth of your baby is a pivotal moment for your family, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make it as calm and as positive of an experience as possible. We will meet together four times to complete the education program. Although you can take each class independently, we highly recommend that you complete the series of four, if possible.

We are also proud to offer two new classes: our Partner Prep course which will equip your birthing partner to comfort, support, and advocate for you during labor and delivery; and our Feeding Prep course which will help you prepare to feed your new baby in the way that is best for both of you!

Group Classes
$3004-class series

(or $100 per class)

Four classes taught in a group setting with other expecting families, led by one of our experienced Childbirth Educators.

Includes 4 Classes:

Labor & Birth

Thoughtful Decisions

Comfort Measures

You & Your Baby

Private Classes
$4004-class series

(or $125 per class)

Four one-on-one classes with our experienced Childbirth Educators on your schedule.

Includes 4 Classes:

Labor & Birth

Thoughtful Decisions

Comfort Measures

You & Your Baby

Partner Prep
$250two classes

This package is for our families who, for various reasons, will not have our professional doula support during their labor and birth. We want to make sure your birthing partner is equipped with all the best tools in their birth-support tool-belt. We will focus on comfort measures and how to advocate for the birth choices you’ve made together.

$50one class offered once per month

This class will be the first Wednesday of every month from 6:00-8:00 p.m. and will walk you through the different feeding options you have available to keep your baby healthy, growing, and thriving.

We will cover the basics of breast feeding, bottle feeding, and all the various combinations in between.



This class will explore the mechanics of labor and birth. We will discover the many variations of normal birth, the incredible way your body works to bring your baby into the world, and what all of those wires, beeps, and medications are for.


Each birth is unique and requires many decisions to be made by the birthing family. Making as many of those decisions ahead of time, as possible, and discussing your expectations and desires with your partner can make your birth a much more relaxed and grounded experience.

Whether you decide to formalize a birth plan, or not, walking through your choices with your partner will help to make sure you are a unified team on the day of your birth.


Now that we know how everything works, let us help you discover some proven coping techniques. We will talk about many techniques you are familiar with, and hopefully introduce you to many more!


This class will help prepare you for the first weeks following the birth of your little one. What can you expect from your body during recovery? What should you be prepared for with your newborn? How on earth do you keep this tiny thing alive? From feedings, to swaddling, and how to deal with all that crying (from all of you). This class will help you be as prepared as you can be when you bring your babe home.

If you’d like to sign up for group or private classes please fill out the form below.

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